Here are some frequently asked questions about embroidery and digitizing



Q: Will my stitch files sew well on any garment I use?

A: No one stitch file can be digitized for every application. That's why
we ask what the logo is intended for and what fabric it will be. You may need
an alternate version of your file for use on a specific application for optimal
quality. In most cases, alternate versions of the original logo needed (because
of small size changes or fabric differences) will be free. Versions that are
graphically different or resized more than 10-15% than the original are charged
editing fees.

Q: Can NeedleUp edit a pre-exisiting design from somewhere else?


A: Of course! Editing charges will apply depending on the work involved.

Q: Can I get a Wilcom *.emb file of my logo?


A: Absolutely, We just need to know which version you require.

Q: What about the Melco .cnd format?

A: NeedleUp uses Wilcom digitizing software which will open and write .cnd
files, however, when someone asks for this format, there's no guarantee that
the codes will be interpreted correctly between different software brands; and
.cnd rarely emails well. We will always try our best to get you the format you
request, but the best solution is to get the .exp format and use your stitch

Q: What embroidery formats can you provide?

A: We normally supply .dst, and/or .exp stitch files, however, we are able to provide most major home formats also.

Q: How long does it take to get a quote on a logo?


A: We do our best to get you a quote back within the hour once we see the
artwork and have all pertinent information. And, We always stick to our quotes!
Even if the stitches go over!

Q: What if the customer wants too much text on one line?

A: There are alternate ways to organize the text. If you can't abbreviate,
the next thing to try is to break up the text and stack it.

Q: Do I have to have "camera-ready" art?


A: No. However, artwork should be clean, crisp and easy to read. Vector
art files are the best; eps, ai, cdr, pcx, psd, png or pdf. Graphic art files are
fine as long as they are large enough to use.(jpg,gif,bmp,tif) Photocopies or
scans of previously sewn garments, business cards, and web site
pictures are not recommended for use as artwork.

Q: What are my size limitations for a left chest design?


A: Generally, a left chest design is between 3" and 4" wide.
Height is proportionate. Size depends on the customers wish, and what is
esthetically pleasing to the eye.

Q: What are my size limitations on a cap?


A: Finished cap fronts have a limitation of 2.25" height. The width
should be around 4". Cap backs are usually text only and can be no wider
than 3.5" - 3.75" arced.  You can, however, get considerably
more embroidery space on a hat, going to a pre-pro panel program.  (The
front panels are embroidered before the hat is assembled at the factory).

Q: How does digitizing work for mixed media?

A: Mixed Media means that a heat transferred or screenprinted design is
applied to the garment and embroidery is added to compliment the design and
enhance the perceived value of the garment.  NeedleUp does not do heat
transfers or screenprinting however, we digitize the stitch file to line
up and sew over the first process.  For more information on mixed media,
call us at 303-287-6633.

Can I resize my design on my own software?

NeedleUp digitizes designs at the optimal size for the application and fabric they are originally intended for, so consequently, we cannot guarantee a design that has been altered or resized will sew correctly.  When resizing embroidery designs, they should be enlarged or shrunk using the original master copy created in the native format and then altered/edited for the new application. Many times, if the size change is radical, the design may have to be partially or completely re-digitized (as in left chest to jacket back size).  We are happy to create alternate sizes needed for you.  If a second file size is needed and is not a large difference, sometimes the file can be done at no charge.