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NeedleUp Digitizing Inc

“I stitched out the logo and it was perfect!  My client is very pleased! Thank you so much – Marie, Breaking Ground Embroidery

“Just wanted to let you know, I stitched out the puffy foam design you created and my customer loved it!  Thanks for all you do!  People ask me why I don’t digitize and I always think how quick, detailed and experienced you are and think ‘No way!’ Thanks again!” — Kat, KW Custom Creations

“You are the best…just sewed out the design and it is beautiful. I really appreciate how fast you are getting designs finished and how well they sew out!”  — Carol, Denver, CO

“Done deal! Our customer loved it (the design) and is on his way to Austin with his new shirts for his meeting! Thanks for the quick turn around and support on the design.  You are the best!”  –Ray, Lone Star Designs

“I can always count on you to do such a great job!  They (logos) look wonderful!” – Amber, Digital Thermal Graphics

NeedleUp Digitizing Inc


“Both files sew out beautifully – you really do fantastic work.  With your files, every little thing is perfect.  No thread breaks, no pull outs, pathing makes sense.  Just always a relief when the files come from you.” — Kat, Make It Mine Embroidery

“As always, you have done an amazing job! The logo is awesome! Thank you for the quick turnaround on this; we really appreciate it!” — Robin, Fit 2 A Tee

“Great working with you! We couldn’t be more happy; your work is outstanding.” — Matt, Goodman Design

“The embroidery brings the design to life!  I am pleased with how cleanly and smoothly the designs ran when we stitched them off.  Thank you for your promptness and the quality of your work!”  — Fay, Little Things Mean A Lot

“Thanks so much for this design and all the other great designs/digitizing you do for us!”  — Rudy, Health Tech Sports

“I am so grateful for your quality and speed.  It is helping me immensely.”   — Ellen, Stitch Quick

“Thank You for the file, I know it’ll sew fantastic, as always.” — Kat, MakeItMine Embroidery

“As always, thanks for your quick response!” — Tammy, GEAR’N UP

NeedleUp Digitizing Inc

“Thanks, I appreciate all your help and quick turn-around time!” — Kerri, Specialty Incentives

“My customer’s reaction when he saw his logo: He loved it!  My hat goes off to you for the great digitizing.”  –Nancy, Acorn Embroidery

“Thanks for all of your help, effort and terrific professionalism.” –John, Ad Pros

“You are an absolute GENIUS! Everything is good….running great and client is HAPPY!” — Amy, Kingpin Embroidery

“Great design! Thanks a lot for the beautiful work you did….AGAIN!”  — Nel De Hamer, Netherlands

“Just wanted to let you know that my customer saw the designs, they loved them! They couldn’t believe how nice they were! — Eileen, Make it Personal

“You Rock. I really appreciate what you do and how oustanding a job you do, each and every time!” — Laura, Specialty Incentives

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“I have had digitizing done by others and never had the results that I just got from you.  You are so friendly and such a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to a long business relationship with you (NeedleUp).  Thanks so much!”  — Dianna, RDW

“Looks fabulous! Customer loves it! You always do amazing work, Thanks again!”  –Kat, KW Custom Creations